C++ API Reference

Maat's C++ documentation is automatically generated by Doxygen. The native C++ API is intended rather for developpers or advanced users that seek optimal performance. If you are relatively new to the framework, make yourself a favour and get started with our tutorials, they use the Python API.

  • The different modules pages group methods, types, and classes by functionnality
  • The classes list shows all classes and namespaces accessible through the API

Get started

#include "maat.hpp"
using namespace maat;
using namespace maat::loader;
using namespace maat::event;

// Create a symbolic engine for Linux X86-32bits
MaatEngine engine(Arch::Type::X86, env::OS::LINUX);

// Load a binary a offset 0x08001000 with a 20-chars symbolic command line argument
vector args{
    CmdlineArg(engine.vars->new_symbolic_buffer("some_arg", 20))
engine.load("./some_binary", Format::ELF32, 0x08001000, args, "", {}, {});

// Get current eax value

// Read 4 bytes at the top of the stack
engine.mem->read(engine.cpu.ctx().get(X86::ESP), 4)

// Set a callback displaying every memory read
Action show_mem_access(MaatEngine& engine)
    cout << *(engine->info.mem_access);
    return Action::CONTINUE;

engine.hooks.add(Event::MEM_R, When::BEFORE, EventCallback(show_mem_access))

// Take and restore snapshots
auto snap = engine.take_snapshot()

// Run the binary