RedHat/CentOS 6.x pre-installation requirements

Many people prefer RedHat or CentOS 6 (or similar variants like Amazon Linux) for to their stability and lack of systemd. Unfortunately, there are a number of dated libraries, notably Python 2.6, that prevent Algo from running without errors. This script will prepare a RedHat, CentOS, or similar VM to deploy to Algo cloud instances.

Step 1: Prep for RH/CentOS 6.8/Amazon

yum -y update
yum -y install epel-release

Enable any kernel updates:


Step 2: Install Ansible and launch Algo

RedHat/CentOS 6.x uses Python 2.6 by default, which is explicitly deprecated and produces many warnings and errors, so we must install a safe, non-invasive 3.6 tool set which has to be expressly enabled (and will not survive login sessions and reboots):

Post-install macOS

  1. Copy ./configs/*mobileconfig to your local Mac

  2. Install the VPN profile on your Mac (10.10+ required)

     /usr/bin/profiles -I -F ./x.x.x.x_NAME.mobileconfig
  3. To remove:

     /usr/bin/profiles -D -F ./x.x.x.x_NAME.mobileconfig

The VPN connection will now appear under Networks (which can be pinned to the top menu bar if preferred)