Linux client setup

Provision client config

After you deploy a server, you can use an included Ansible script to provision Linux clients too! Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Fedora are supported. The playbook is deploy_client.yml.

Required variables


ansible-playbook deploy_client.yml -e ' vpn_user=jack ssh_user=root'

Additional options

If the user requires sudo password use the following argument: --ask-become-pass.

OS Specific instructions

Some Linux clients may require more specific and details instructions to configure a connection to the deployed Algo VPN, these are documented here.

Fedora Workstation

(Gnome) Network Manager install

First, install the required plugins.

dnf install NetworkManager-strongswan NetworkManager-strongswan-gnome

(Gnome) Network Manager configuration

In this example we’ll assume the IP of our Algo VPN server is and the user we created is user-name.